Arthur Wardle's 'On the Hillside' engraved by O.Butterworth
for Rawdon Lees 'The Collie or Sheepdog'

In the mid 1960’s The Kennel Club conceived a way of communicating with each Breed Club, in breeds that supported numerous societies,
via a single representative body to be know as ‘Breed Councils’.

A Breed Council may represent any Breed with several clubs, and in 1966 The Rough Collie Breed Council was formed making it one
of the oldest Breed Councils in the United Kingdom.

Throughout its existence the Rough Collie Breed Council’s aims and objectives have remained:

The promotion of the Rough Collie at all levels by co-ordinating the work of its member societies.  

To present a unified voice and represent the Rough Collies in the councils of our ruling body, The Kennel Club.

To promote harmony, understand and co-operation between its member societies.



Last update 30 November, 2023

The coloured image of three Rough Collie heads above is an original Mary Farnes’ painting which she presented to the ‘Rough Collie Breed Council’ for use as its Logo.


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